Zakynthos Bracelet

Handmade Jewelry Bracelet

Nikolas Jewelry Zakynthos

Silver S925

Swarovski Crystals

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Handmade Zakynthos Bracelet

Deep blue on its way to the Golden Beach, it creates an emerald landscape.

This is imprinted on the Zakynthos bracelet with the unique Swarovski jewelry and colors you will find in the Nikolas Jewelry Collection

In the following video you can see the glitter of our jewelery, admire the glitter, the glitter, the refulgēre!


Small (S) 19cm - 16cm to 19cm

Medium (M) 20cm - 17cm to 20cm

Large (L) 21cm - 18cm to 21cm

Built-in Extension 9 Solid Hearts Silver S925

Width: Swarovski Crystals: 4.00mm

Color: Nikolas Jewelry Zakynthos

Color reflection: Yes

Glossy: Yes

Handmade jewelry, bracelet with Authentic Swarovski Crystals, which stand out for their appearance, uniqueness, high precision, excellent brilliance, timelessness and durability.

Tying Swarovski crystals with 7 strands of steel, 0.4mm total make it flexible, soft to the hand and unbreakable!

The materials we use are hypoallergenic.

The chains, buttons and ornaments are made of solid Silver S925.

Lovely summer womens bracelet, a gift for any occasion. A gift for you, a gift for your love!

Comes in a gift box with the prerequisites "Unboxing love" could certainly be a birthday gift or a gift for Mother's Day!

Nikolas Jewelry Zakynthos a gift that was created to last forever with Love!

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Price: 24,90€ from 34,00€

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