Return policy

To return a jewel.

Change with other jewelery:

The jewelry to be returned must not be used and found in the original package as well as in the original envelope so that it will not be damaged during transport. The change will be completed within 2 days of the date we receive the jewelry.

Full refund of your money:

In this case, you must inform us within 8 hours of receipt by email, the original folder should not be opened !!! your refund will be refunded within 30 days of the date we receive the jewelry.

Contact us to arrange anything you do not like or happen upon receipt.

Our jewels are thoroughly tested at the time of manufacture and packed in a special way to be secured!

The jewelery is wrapped in a special cloth cloth with small cuts, in an airtight package and inside the ribbon-bound white gift box!

When shipped, it is placed in protective bubbles and sent to a special waterproof protective envelope.

If you get stuck in your hands, do not pick up !!!

You can make a refund within 15 days with your full refund, or exchange the jewelry you chose with someone else you like!

Transport is free! if you have received an opinion, you do not have to justify why.

Our goal is to stay completely happy with your purchase.